Dissertation Abstracts

Sexual Individualisation Strategies and Masculinity Construction in Moroccan Men during Transition to Adulthood

Author: Fidolini, Vulca , fidolini@unistra.fr
Department: Cultures & Societies in Europe
University: University of Strasbourg, France
Supervisor: Professor Nicoletta Diasio
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: French

Keywords: sexuality , masculinities , young adults , body
Areas of Research: Youth , Body in the Social Sciences , Religion


The study focuses on sexual individualisation strategies and masculinity construction in the heterosexual context among young Muslim men arriving in Alsace (France) and Tuscany (Italy) during their transition to adulthood. Sexual experiences and gender roles play a central part in both individual and social construction. These two issues are renegotiated by individuals during the entire life course, especially in youth, when people face the challenges of secondary socialisation, and when self-reflexivity processes shape biographical trajectories. Through a study of sexual experiences and representations, this research aims to describe new forms of individualisation trajectories in the modern context, showing how primary socialisation heritage is composed and re-composed during the transition to adulthood within peer dynamics, family bonds, and couples' relationships in a plural cultural scenario.