Dissertation Abstracts

Socioeconomic Aspects of Emigrations in Kosovo: The Case Study of Suhareka

Author: Gollopeni, Besim , besim.gollopeni@gmail.com
Department: Sociological Institute
University: Shen Cirili and Metody, Macedonia
Supervisor: J. Jakomovski
Year of completion: 2012
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: migration , factors , destination , demogarphic structur
Areas of Research: Migration , Migration , Migration


An important object of study in the social sciences, especially sociology, economics and demography is population policies with an emphasis on migratory movements of the population. Analysis and review of the demographic situation with all its specifications, especially migration of the population, has particular significance for spatial planning etc. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, there has been an increase in migrations, caused by a variety of reasons such as political factors, oppression, persecution and economic reasons (twentieth century), for better employment and education (twenty-first century ), more detail will elaborate in the following section.
In Kosovo, it is estimated that one third of the total population lives abroad, a situation we also see at the level of the municipality. There is also a lack of proper studies in this area, aside from the sociological field. There are also difficulties in producing data and research about population migrations in Suhareka at the municipality level.

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