Dissertation Abstracts

Social Networks of Migrants: The Organization of Graduates of the Algerian Diaspora in France - Coordination and Development (1962-2012)

Author: Smail, Idir , idirsmail@yahoo.com
Department: Sociology
University: Béjaia, Algeria
Supervisor: Musette Mohamed Saib
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: French

Keywords: migration , diaspora , association , development
Areas of Research: Migration , Organization , Social Transformations and Sociology of Development


Migration in the current time corresponds to a regular or irregular escape due to several effects see : globalization , rapid demographic changes and transformations experienced by companies in the modern era. These escapes from one point to another become unavoidable in several situations: the political crisis , high population growth, climate change and natural disasters are environmental causes. As the gap in living standards between the countries of North and South .
The history of Algerian immigration in France goes back a long time before the war of independence , which explains Abdelmalek Sayad in the three ages of immigration. Clustering of immigrants in the land of welcome expressed a creation of organizations and institutions in order to claim the identity of origin on one side and the other side the acquisition of their rights. These organizations find the day after independence with the ADAF . This ultimate combination responded in accordance with the law of 1901, responsible for the control of Algerian immigrants in France , as in its associative cover acts as a semi-official body. After stopping shipments in 1973 causes of socialist politics of the country, the migration process has stagnated. It was not until 1980 that the associative movement resumed after the friendly engagement process , the birth of several associations are identified at this time : the nomads, the AQK ( Kamarov neighborhood association ), CBA (Berber cultural association) and so forth.
The evolution of associations in the 1990s and 2000s changed perspective , their goal is not identity, but rather is to bring the Algerian diaspora scattered in the four corners of the world and engage them to contribute to the development the country of departure. ANIMA - Med Diaspora there are 40 distinct networks Algerian skills detected in Europe and America. The objective of these networks is part of the promotion of Algeria by their investment becomes increasingly advantageous to their favor. For our study, we investigate the relationship between these associations graduates of the Algerian diaspora in France and the socioeconomic development of the starting area.

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