Dissertation Abstracts

Time and Placement: Five empirical Essays on Out of Home Placement

Author: Fallesen, Peter , pf@rff.dk
Department: Sociology
University: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Supervisor: Mads Meier Jæger
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: foster care , childhood , life course , family welfare
Areas of Research: Stratification , Childhood , Family Research


Sociological research has not satisfactorily considered the life course of foster care children. My project grounds the study of foster care within career sociology, life-course theory, and social control theory. Through econometric and demographic methods, the project uses Danish administrative data to expose some of the social mechanisms that affect (and is affected by) the life of foster care children and their families.

The project has two main contributions. (1) It provides descriptive evidence on the prevalence and typology of foster care experiences. (2) It provides causal evidence on the influence of treatment of behavioral issues on foster care rates, the effect of duration of foster care measures on later life outcomes, and the influence of foster care placements on the parental life course.

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