Dissertation Abstracts

Aesthetic Experiences in Movement: open mic and literary production in the periphery of São Paulo

Author: Oliveira, Lucas A, lucas_amaral_oliveira@hotmail.com
Department: Department of Sociology
University: University of São Paulo , Brazil
Supervisor: Maria Helena Oliva Augusto
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Portuguese

Keywords: Marginal-Peripheral , Cultural Production , Periphery of São Pau , “Open Mic”
Areas of Research: Communication, Knowledge and Culture , Biography and Society , Arts


For just over a decade it has been possible to observe two concomitant cultural phenomena in the peripheries of São Paulo. On one hand, the projection of literary writers from poorer neighborhoods of São Paulo that assign themselves and their products the adjectives "marginal" and/or "peripheral". On the other hand, the emergence and proliferation of instances of creation, circulation and consumption of literary products, the so-called "saraus poéticos" (open mic). The "saraus" congregate regularly hundreds of people in all regions of São Paulo and have been helping to change the artistic dynamics of these spaces, as well as the representations about the periphery. In this context, I would like to analyse the process of formation of new writers of new marginal literature in the sub-field of peripheral literary production and the interpersonal networking community that they are building from their participation in the peripheral circuits of "saraus" in São Paulo, since the early 2000. I am interested to know what the impact of the "saraus" in the trajectory of residents of neighborhoods with high rates of social vulnerability and with little access to cultural consumption, in other words, how these spaces for participation and artistic creation make literary experiences viable and thus allow the emergence of new writers. In this manner, I intend to check the way they have been interrelating in the field of cultural production and to what extent it can link literary experience and community participation within these two artistic phenomena that are still moving.

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