Dissertation Abstracts

Intergenerational Vertical Social Mobility: Studies on Urban Society in the Province of West Java and East Java, Indonesia

Author: Pattinasarany, Indera R.I, irapattinasarany@yahoo.com
Department: Sociology
University: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Supervisor: Prof. Kamanto Sunarto, Ph.D
Year of completion: 2012
Language of dissertation: Indonesian

Keywords: Social mobility , Social class , Social fluidity , Indonesia
Areas of Research: Stratification


The dissertation proposes to construct a categorization of social class and analyze intergenerational vertical social mobility. Class categorization relies on Duncan’s socio-economic index and Goldthorpe’s class categories models. Social mobility is analyzed in terms of absolute and relative mobility, and factors affecting upward mobility. The concepts of class, class categorization, and social mobility are utilized in the study. The research methods used in the study are secondary data of Indonesian Family Life Survey/IFLS (a longitudinal survey) and in-depth interviews.

The findings of this study are, first, that there is a tendency for social class similarity between children and parents in all classes. Second, there is a limited chance of vertical mobility among the highest and lowest classes, while there are greater chances of upward mobility in other classes. Third, the data also indicates that there is a low level of social fluidity in all classes. Fourth, gender, age and education are factors that affect upward mobility.