Dissertation Abstracts

Subjective Time as the Factor of Social Behaviour of the Individual in Conditions of Public Transformations

Author: Skok, Natalya , Nplast@bk.ru
Department: Sociology of Management
University: Donetsk State University of Management , Ukraine
Supervisor: Dr. Prof. Valery Burega, Doctor of Sociological Sciences
Year of completion: 2010
Language of dissertation: Ukrainian

Keywords: social time , public social behavior , influence of subject
Areas of Research: Theory , Social Psychology , Risk and Uncertainty


This dissertation is devoted to the research of subjective time as a factor in the social behavior of individual under the conditions of social transformation. I analyze previous theoretical and methodological approaches to research of social and subjective time. Then I analyze the influence of subjective time on an individual's social behaviour in a context of transformation. This dissertation improves on the previous approaches to subjective time, by expanding on the concept of subjective time, identifying its place in the model of free choice, and elaborating research criteria so that the influence of subjective time on social phenomena, processes, and relations, are considered.