Dissertation Abstracts

Everyday Mobilities, Space and Urban Life: Bogotá and Barranquilla in the Middle of the 20th Century

Author: Salazar Arenas, Oscar I, oi.salazar@gmail.com
Department: Centro de Estudios Sociales
University: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Supervisor: Javier Saenz Obregón
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Urban mobilities , Everyday life , Urbanism , Public space
Areas of Research: Regional and Urban Development , Communication, Knowledge and Culture , Historical and Comparative Sociology


The main objective of this research is to understand the role of urban mobilities in the constitution of public space and everyday life in two Colombian cities between 1950 and 1970. The first part of the thesis discusses the tension between mobility practices and government technologies and discourses to control and regulate the population behavior and urban settings, including urbanism, transportation systems, the police, and transit regulation. The thesis' second part presents a thick description of everyday practices of mobility in the street, with a particular focus on urban rhythms and staging mobilities. The study is set in the cities of Bogotá and Barranquilla. The research develops a cultural and transdisciplinary approach through the analysis of newspaper and magazine notes, urban chronicles, police regulation, photographs, and movies during this time period.

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