Dissertation Abstracts

négociation and strike in algéria after 1988. comparative study: national éducation and public health sector

Author: seghir, samir , samir.seghir1@hotmail.fr
Department: sociology
University: alger2, Algeria
Supervisor: nacer djabi
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: arabic

Keywords: négociation , strike , actor , stratégy
Areas of Research: Social Classes and Social Movements , Social Transformations and Sociology of Development , Comparative Sociology


This study is considered as an approach to reading the movement of Algerian Workers, addressing a key theme of the protest behavior of workers, one of the strike and his resolution into négociation .
    Included 35-year study divided into two main phases in the history of independent Algeria briefly describes the historical process of strikes (chronology) and explains the most important points of change and climate-related general business sector public in Algeria.

     "The only constant thing in society is the" social change "is an assumption in sociology, it n there's no one company completely fixed with no change, although it is slow or fast, and sometimes up the transformation itself, which means a radical and rapid, and Algerian society is the best example to express the social transformation, especially after the independence, or it becomes the discovery of the truth that very easy for observers, where change has been rapid and profound, based on "conflict of interest" wrapped mostly by "explicit violence and direct confrontation."

     Speaking of the strike as a social movement protest is invited to the labor movement and its struggles, the last is known to ferment in a significant period of independent Algeria, and we are through this study we will try to highlight the general trend of strikes in Algeria, the most important characteristics that distinguish them in the light of these changes or changes that took place in Algerian society.

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