Dissertation Abstracts

Marketisation, Quality And Equity: Exploring Education Marketisation And Primary School Choice from the Perspective of Low Income Households in Urban India

Author: Gurney, Eleanor G M, eleanor.gurney@kcl.ac.uk
Department: Education & Professional Studies
University: King's College London, United Kingdom
Supervisor: Professor Sharon Gewirtz; Professor Chris Winch
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Education , Choice , Marketisation , India
Areas of Research: Education


The proposed research study aims to produce an empirically grounded analytic account of how the low fee private school education market in India works at the micro level, with a particular focus on how low income households in India navigate and experience the school choice process and on the consequences of marketisation for social equality. Focusing on one resettlement colony (Welcome Colony) in North East Delhi, at the core of the study will be in depth interviews with parents or care givers about the values, interests, and constraints that inform and frame the school choices they make, and how the choice process is experienced and negotiated at the household level. In addition, the study will explore the political, discursive and systemic context within which parents and care givers make decisions about their children's education.

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