Dissertation Abstracts

Typology of Social Relationships in the Neighborhood Community of Mashhad City

Author: Nimroozi Navokhi, Nowrooz , N_nimroozi@yahoo.co.uk
Department: Sociology
University: Tehran University, Iran
Supervisor: Professor Rahmatolla Sedigh Sarvestani
Year of completion: 2010
Language of dissertation: Persian

Keywords: Social Relationship , Neighborhood , Neighbour , Neighborhood community
Areas of Research: Community Research , Social Psychology


The current study was performed with the purpose of investigating the density of neighborhood relations within the city of Mashhad in order to test the assumption of community decline. The second aim of the research was to conduct a typology of neighborhood relations all over Mashhad city. The theoretical framework for this paper is the theory of urbanism by Louis Wirth.The investigative methods and tools of collecting data were survey and a researcher created questionnaire.The analytic unit of study was the household and the principal respondent was the woman in each household. The study population was drawn from households of Mashhad inhabitants in all 13 of the mayoralty regions, and the sample size (according to simple random formula and obtained variance from pilot study) was 415 households. The sampling method is proportional to class (for population size of each of 13-regions toward total population). The obtained results show that neighborhood relations are weakening (score of 0/67 within 0 – 2) among neighboring households all over Mashhad city. The types of individual, common, emotional actions were more frequently observed than collective, intimate, and useful actions in the community. The results of the statistical analysis show that there is a significant relation among variables of understanding the neighborhood community-record of inhabiting in a region, feelings of social distance from neighbours, past experiences and varieties in the extent of involvement in neighborhood relations. Also, the results show that emigrants versus local people, residents in villa houses versus residents in residential centers, landlords versus tenants, the older long term versus newcomers, all are more involved in fostering neighborhood relations.

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