Dissertation Abstracts

Social Tolerance in Theoretical and Sociological Dimension

Author: Khyzhniak, Oleksandr V, o.v.khyzhniak@gmail.com
Department: School of Sociology
University: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
Supervisor: Vil S. Bakirov
Year of completion: 2010
Language of dissertation: Ukrainian

Keywords: tolerance , borders of social tolerance , tolerant social space , risks of tolerance
Areas of Research: Theory , Human Rights and Global Justice , History of Sociology


Theoretical and methodological bases of sociological studying concerning social tolerance have been stated in the thesis. The way from categorical search through empirical studying of tolerance in various spheres of public life to its modern interpretations as a multidimensional phenomenon has been shown. The knowledge of essence, functional mission, borders, personal and institutional aspects of social tolerance in modern society has been expanded.
The place and role of social tolerance in human rights maintenance in conditions of social inequalities deepening have been considered. Factors and risks of social tolerance have been revealed; the role of migratory processes in actualization of social tolerance in modern global world has been shown. Theoretical interpretation of the concept «tolerant social space» has been carried out; the possibility of its sociological studying and designing by university education means has shown.