Dissertation Abstracts

Impact of Thalassemia Major on Patients' Families in Pakistan

Author: Ishfaq, Kamran Mr, kamranishfaqchc@gmail.com
Department: Department of Sociology
University: University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Johar Ali
Year of completion: 2014
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Impact , Thalassemia Major , Patient , Families
Areas of Research: Health , Childhood , Women in Society


The objectives of this study were to determine the impact of Thalassemia major on patients’ families in Pakistan; to describe the awareness among the parents regarding Thalassemia Major; the cost of treatment of Thalassemia Major and the sufferings it brings to the families; the social problems faced by patients’ families; to identify the barriers patients’ families face in the treatment of Thalassemia child. Population of the study was parents of Thalassemia major children, visited for blood transfusions at the Thalassemia / Hemophilia Centers of The Children’s Hospital & the Institute of Child Health Multan, Minhaj ul Quran, Amina Blood Foundation, Fatimid Blood Foundation Multan. A sample of 500 respondents was drawn from the total population and structured interview was administrated. Data were analyzed and interpreted by using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) 19.0 version software. A structured interview was conducted for data collection. Interview schedule was developed after detailed literature review and also accessing the situation of peripheries in district Multan. The structured interview was discussed with two experts of sociology and two senior doctors (>8 years’ experience) working in the Thalassemia centers, Government Health Institutions. It was revised to incorporate recommended improvements. Focus Groups Discussion was also conducted. A total of (N=64) sample was drawn from the population and participants were divided equally (n=16) from 04 blood transfusions centers. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to analyze the data that includes: frequency, percent, mean, standard deviations, one way ANOVA and Pearson correlation while for the data analysis of FGDs NVivo 7 software was used.
The study summarized that the health care providers should be encouraged to talk about Thalassemia as a public health problem in Pakistan and should enhance the public awareness to eliminate the Thalassemia in Pakistan.

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