Dissertation Abstracts

Analysis of the dynamics of international mobility of Argentine university graduates

Author: Flores, Patricia B, pbf1975@gmail.com
Department: Higher Education
University: Centro Redes, Argentina
Supervisor: Lucas Luchilo
Year of completion: 2009
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Higher Education , HRCT , Mobility
Areas of Research: Science and Technology , Education , Migration


The aim of the thesis is to analyze the factors that converge in the international mobility of university graduates from Argentina, in a context of increasing global flow of students. This trend is part of a process of internationalization of the scientific and higher education activities, driven by the conditions of countries and the interests of the students who decide to continue their education abroad. Based on this scenario, the thesis seeks to provide an analytical contribution to a hardly- studied phenomenon, to promote future researches with focus on the impact of it on the scientific basis of the country. For this, the thesis firstly presents a state of th e art on international mobility of students. Secondly, discusses quantitative evide nce on global movements of students from Argentina. Then, describes internatio nal postgraduate scholarships programs most known in the country. Finally, it presents the results of a fieldwork designed to study the perceptions of graduates regarding the mobility of students.