Dissertation Abstracts

Globaization, Retail Invasion and the Local Social World

Author: Sharma, Rachana , rachana.sociology@gndu.ac.in
Department: sociology
University: Guru Nanak Dev University, India
Supervisor: Dr Gurpreet Bal
Year of completion: 2012
Language of dissertation: english

Keywords: retail policy india , consumers , Stores shops malls , economic growth india
Areas of Research: Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change , Economy and Society , Regional and Urban Development


The 1990s phase of globalization has been accompanied with gradual shift in development strategy from state centric to market centric. With the adoption of New Economic Policy (NEP), Indian economy has seen a magnificent growth and after the success of the manufacturing sector, Indian government has been increasingly interested in further extending Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization policy in the service sector. Recently, the opening of retail sector to foreign investors has attracted a much of attention in scholarly publications. Within a short span of time, there has been a creeping internationalization of retailing sector as a result of the second stage of globalization policy.There are ample studies available to highlight the impact of globalization from socio-cultural and the economic perspectives. Similarly, abundant literature is available on the issues related to economic impact of retail globalization but not much has been done in Sociology on the issue related to retail globalization in India as it is a new area of investigation. However, some individual/ government/ institutional and market research reports, books and articles (largely dealing with the issue from economics and business perspective) are available for reference. The existing literature on this topic presents contradictions in understanding of the issues as some reports and studies show the negative implications of modern retailing while, others put forth positive impact of modern retailing. Hence, it is very necessary to make a systematic study of such a significant economic move of retail liberalization policy (2005).

The present study, therefore, aims at explaining the impact of globalization on retail sector and its implications on the traditional businessmen and consumers.

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