Dissertation Abstracts

The social production of marxism in São Paulo: "the seminar " (1958-1978)

Author: Rodrigues, Lidiane S, lidianesrgues@gmail.com
Department: History
University: University of Sao Paolo - USP, Brazil
Supervisor: Ulysses Telles Guariba Netto
Year of completion: 2012
Language of dissertation: Portuguese

Keywords: brazilian social scientists , trajectories , marxism , University
Areas of Research: History of Sociology , Education , Biography and Society


The present work develops a group biography of the professors and students from the University of São Paulo which started to read Karl Marxs Capital. Having contrasted the sparse readings made before and after the constitution of this group, this study is characterized by the converging of endeavors from different areas, by the insubordination to the party discipline and to the vulgates due to them simultaneously to the adhesion and support of the scholar discipline, by the emphasis in questions of method and theoretical penchant, mobilized, according to the area of each of the participants, to the elaboration of thesis which dialogue among themselves. The reconstitution of the conditioning lines of force of this innovation assumes following trajectory of social mobility, magisterial affiliations, generational tensions, gradient of empowerment, professionalization and discipline differentiation. The crystallization of horizontal relations with friends from the seminar; and verticals with the professor who they are connected with is present in their doctorate works. In order to enhance the analysis of such dimensions, the trajectory of the seminar students was retaken, from the undergraduate course to the doctorate, following institutional rotations which marked the group itinerary. The examination concentrates itself more accurately between the beginning of the activities and the publishing of the last thesis originated from these studies (1958-1978).

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