Dissertation Abstracts

Bulgarian Virtual Labour Market and Transformation of Power

Author: Hristova, Marieta B, marieta_hristova@yahoo.co.uk
Department: Economic Sociology
University: University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria
Supervisor: Professor DSc Temenuga Rakadjiiska
Year of completion: 2015
Language of dissertation: Bulgarian

Keywords: power relations , virtual labour market , power distribution , information as power
Areas of Research: Economy and Society , Social Transformations and Sociology of Development , Futures Research


The dissertation is an interpretational scheme of the relationship between three research loci: labor market, power relations, virtualization.
The subject of the research is the power relations between the participants in the labor market and their positions in the field of virtual labor market as a result of the different type of capital they hold. Object of the research is the individual and institutional actors forming the virtual labour market. The aim of the thesis is by examining the social structures of the labor market in Bulgaria, to identify the power relations in this field and their change due to the usage of the new information and communication technologies in the virtual labour market.
The analysis is presented in three chapters. The first deals with the theoretical problematizations about the research topic and outlines its theoretical and methodological framework. The aim is to develop a theoretical concept for the complex interaction: virtual labor market – power relations, that serve to develop a theoretical model of empirical sociological study of the transformation of power in the virtual labour market. In the second chapter the transformation processes in the field of Bulgarian labor market are traced as was consistently studied the occurrence of virtuality and virtual labor market in Bulgaria, activities and ways of functioning of the main collective actors in the social space with an emphasis on the social partners and actors, the diversity of institutional and non-institutional mediators and their actions. In the third chapter through interpretation and analysis of empirical data from research conducted by author are presented specific aspects of the functioning of the virtual labor market in Bulgaria and the transformation of power.