Dissertation Abstracts

Emigration and social integration in Albanian society during post communist period: Case of Albanian emigrants in Turkish society

Author: Likaj, Matilda , matildalikaj@gmail.com
Department: Sociology
University: Tirana University, Albania
Supervisor: Merita Xhumari
Year of completion: 2015
Language of dissertation: Albanian

Keywords: Emigration , Social integration , Social Capital , Post communist Albanian emigra
Areas of Research: Migration , Comparative Sociology , Family Research


By the fall of communist regime the Albanian society has been influenced by the new and unknown phenomena that have been called emigration. Emigration as phenomena has been influenced Albania more than other countries of Balkan area. This phenomena has been developed by different migration waves, because it has been accepted as an opportunity for each individual, that came from different social classes or social stratification. Albanian migration has been as a lake of opportunities and challenges not just for a social actor but for Albanian society and even the host societies.
Many Albanian emigrants have been emigrated to different Western countries and just a few number of them have been preferred to emigrate to Eastern countries. A few numbers of Albanian migrants have been preferred to emigrate to Turkish society. Based on this reason, this study has as the aim to analyze the Albanian emigrants that settled on Turkish society form 1990 till nowadays. Also this study will be focus on the analyze of social integration and social capital (identity, socio-cultural issues, emigrants networks, integration to Turkish culture, recognition and acceptance of elements of social structure of Turkish society, connection and continues of Albanian culture, differentiation of generations, social relations that emigrants form to each other etc.) of Albanian migrants in Turkish society.
The methodology of this study is an integrated combination between theories and quantitative research method formed by application of surveys in Turkish society as host society of Albanian migrants. The population of this research is 500 Albanian emigrants that have been migrated to Turkish society from 1990 till nowadays. These emigrants have been located on the three biggest cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir.
Referring to the field of sociology of migration, from the collection of data this study found out a different migration model of Albanians that emigrated after 1990 till nowadays.