Dissertation Abstracts

Cuisines as a sociological subject: a study of culinary rituals and practices in Malabar

Author: KP, Mohamed Rafeek, rafeek93@gmail.com
Department: Sociology
University: JMI Central University, India
Supervisor: Dr. Shareena Banu
Year of completion: 2010
Language of dissertation: English

Keywords: Cuisines , ritual , practice , Malabar
Areas of Research: Agriculture and Food , Religion , Comparative Sociology


What at the stake of this study are the significance of attaching religious identity to cuisines, the class and caste hierarchy of food, gastronomic rituals among different communities in Malabar, the exchange system of food particles at various ceremonies within and without the communitarian boundaries, social solidarity and community integration through ceremonial feasts, homogeneous and heterogeneous food cultures of Malabar. Regional differences in the names of similar food products and the variation in their taste due to the cooking style and recipes are very interesting aspects of this study which will enable to compare and contrast the ingredients and the socio economic backgrounds of chefs in different provinces.