Dissertation Abstracts

The women porteadoras an approximation using Grounded Theory.

Author: Fuentes, Cristina CF, cris.fuentes.lara@gmail.com
Department: Institut of migration
University: Granada, Spain
Supervisor: Rosa María Soriano Miras
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Spanish

Keywords: Porteadoras , Border , Spanish- Moroccan , Ceuta
Areas of Research: Migration , Economy and Society , Social Transformations and Sociology of Development


This article is part of a doctoral thesis “The Situation of women porteadoras the Spanish- Moroccan border: The Case of Ceuta.”. This article focuses on three key points. The first part looks into the geopolitical importance of the Ceuta and Tetouan region as a factor influencing the situation at El Tarajal border check point where there is a large amount of cross border transport of people and goods. This article looks at the situation of certain cross sections of women who cross this border many of whom are domestic workers, prostitutes and porteadoras. The second part of this article looks at the methods used to carry out the study, principally, strenuous ethnographic research at the border point and the surrounding areas of the groups studied in this thesis, complemented with in-depth interviews with the main agents involved in the investigation. Grounded Theory was the technique used to analyze the data. Finally, the last part of this article focuses on the principle results obtained during the investigation.

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