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Current Sociology Review

Current Sociology Review was launched in 2013 and includes articles selected from sociopedia.isa, the ISA’s online review journal, as well as those that have been specially submitted for Current Sociology Review. The review articles provide an overview of theoretical approaches, a review of empirical evidence, an assessment of the state of the art, and a discussion of future directions that theorizing and research might take. Furthermore, each article contains a list of annotated suggested further reading.

Current Sociology Review invites to submit:

  • different kind of review articles, from more general and mainstream discussions, to very specific topics or regional/non-English language publications
  • reviews of sociological key concepts, including all the classical discussions that have been marked out the core of Sociology as a discipline, such as state, civil society, power, gender, religion, among others
  • new discussions and topics in sociology, such as sport, popular culture, mass media, ecology, etc. as well as specific discussions from particular sociological fields, such as secularisation in Sociology of Religion, and the role of emotions in protest for the Sociology of the Social Movements.

We specially invite PhD students or recent PhDs that have produced review chapters for their dissertations that could be re-written for Current Sociology Review. Reviews that discuss regional or national specific production, if connected and discussing with more global issues, would be more welcomed, for example: African studies on social movements, gender studies in Latin America, or leisure studies in Asia. In this sense, language reviews on a topic would be a desirable input for Current Sociology Review. As well: reviews of gender studies published in Russian, of labour unions published in Arabic, of bureaucracy and the state in Germany, etc.

How to submit a paper

Review articles should be submitted to Current Sociology (Current Sociology Review)

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