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RC12 Sociology of Law


The Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RCSL) shall act as a free association of scholars active in sociology of law or socio-legal studies all around the world, whatever their nationality, opinion and scientific or methodological tendency.

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Board 2023 - 2027

President Pierre GUIBENTIF, ISCTE-IUL, Portugal,
Vice-President t.b.a.
Secretary/Treasurer t.b.a.
Board Members

Pablo CIOCCHINI, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Julia DAHLVIK, FH Campus Wien, Austria   
Stefanie LEMKE, Netherlands
Laura Noemi LORA, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teresa PICONTO, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Katrin SEIDEL, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany
Dee SMYTHE, University of Cape Town, Portugal

Immediate Past President Ulrike SCHULTZ, Fern University of Hagen, Germany

Working Groups

  • Working Group on Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution
    Chair: Luigi COMINELLI, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy,
  • Working Group on Comparative Legal Culture
    Chair: Marina KURKCHYIAN, University of Oxford, United Kingdom,
  • Working Group on Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
    Chair: Rosemary AUCHMUTY, University of Reading, United Kingdom, 
  • Working Group on Gender and Law
    Co-chairs: Barbara Giovanna BELLO, University of Milan, Italy,, and Letizia MANCINI, University of Milan, Italy,
    Alexandrine GUYARD-NEDELEC, France (resigned)
  • Working Group on Human Rights
    Chair: Dani RUDNICKI, Brazil,
  • Working Group on Law and Politics
    Chair: María Angélica CUELLAR VAZQUEZ, Mexico,
  • Working Group on Law and Popular Culture
    Chair: Guy OSBORN, University of Westminster, United Kingdom,
  • Working Group on Law and Migration
    Chair: Rashmi JAIN, India,
  • Working Group on Social and Legal Systems
    Co-chairs: Germano SCHWARTZ, Brazil, and Lucas KONZEN, Italy,
  • Working Group on Sociology of Constitution
    Chair: Alberto FEBBRAJO, Università di Macerata, Italy,
  • Working Group on Urban Problems
    Chair: tba
  • Working Group on Legal Pluralism (created 2020)
    Chair: Martin RAMSTEDT, Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Spain,
  • Working Group on Judicialization of Social Problems
    Chair: João VELLOSO, University of Ottawa, Canada,


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