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RC20 Comparative Sociology

Established in 1986


The primary objective of the Research Committee on Comparative Sociology is to advance research in the field of comparative sociology by encouraging research, conferences and publication in the field. The RC20 seeks to facilitate scholarly communication in the domain of international comparisons.

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Board 2023 - 2027

President Marita CARBALLO, Social and Political Academy of Argentina, Argentina,
Vice-Presidents Kseniya KIZILOVA, Institute for Comparative Survey Research, Vienna, Austria
David L. WEAKLIEM, University of Connecticut, USA
Treasurer Stephen VERTIGANS, Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom,
Executive Secretary Fumiya ONAKA, Japan Women’s University, Japan,
Board Members Nate BREZNAU, University of Bremen, Germany
Saroj Kumar DHAL, University of Lucknow, India


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Dues USD 25 (USD 10 discount) for a 4-year period.
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