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The ISA was founded 1948 in close cooperation with UNESCO's Research Department. As peace education and youth issues were in the forefront of the postwar, socio-political legacy of this foundation, many of the first officers of ISA were also youth sociologists. But in 1975 the RC34 was established as a specialized branch of ISA.

The RC34 was from the beginning not only a network for pure academic youth research, but also committed to the original heritage of social and political responsibility. This implies standing partnership with multilateral organisations aiming at conflict resolution, peace and the development of civic society. It is also the policy of RC 34 to invite for membership and participation colleagues from other disciplines as well as practitioners in the youth fields, and then to serve as a global, interdisciplinary network and meeting place for youth issues in general.


The Committee is built on associational principles of individual membership, formal statutes, a General Meeting every fourth year at the World Congresses, also electing a Board running the RC between the Congresses.

The work is built on regional Vice-Presidencies running their activities and networking in various areas of the world, and a Bureau taking care of the membership services and general, strategic affairs connected to the Presidency. An Advisory Board is appointed by the Board, as a body for special experiences and strategic competence in the field.


The aim of RC34 is to contribute to the development of theory and practice of youth sociology and youth research on an international level, uniting professional knowledge, scientific consciousness, and social commitment of its members to work on problems and issues of youth on a local, regional, and international level.

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Board 2014-2018

President Ani WIERENGA, University of Melbourne, Australia,
Vice-Presidents Vinod CHANDRA and Clarence BATAN (Asia, including China & Japan)
Jeylan MORTIMER (North America)
Rosa Maria CAMARENA (Latin America) 
Maurice DEVLIN and Natalie WAECHTER (Europe, including Russian Federation)
Sharlene SWARTZ (Africa, including Near East & Middle East)
Dan WOODMAN (Australia, New Zealand & Oceania)
Organizational Secretary and Treasurer Howard WILLIAMSON, University of South Wales, United Kingdom,
Newsletter Editor, IBYR Maurizio MERICO,
Past-President James CÔTÉ, University of Western Ontario, Canada

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Program Coordinators: Clarence BATAN,, Howard WILLIAMSON,, Ani WIERENGA, and Sharlene SWARTZ,


International Bulletin on Youth Research is available on RC34 website.

Trans-national (institutional) cooperation

RC34 has an institutional cooperation with UN (Headquarters), with Unesco and the Council of Europe, also at their regional and sub-regional actions. The cooperation aims at consultancy and more direct involvement in the processes of improved relationships between youth research and youth policies.


Dues: $50 (discount $10) for a 4-year period.
ISA membership registration form is available on

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