Research Committees

RC42 Social Psychology

Established in 1988


The aim of RC42 is to contribute to the development of theory and research in social psychology on an international level, uniting professional and scientific interests of its members to work together on a local, regional, and international level.

Board 2014-2018

President Clara SABBAGH, University of Haifa, Israel,
Secretary-Treasurer Alison BIANCHI, Iowa University, USA,
Regional Representatives South America Juan Carlos CASTILLO, Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Europe Juha KLEMELÄ, Finland
Africa Charles PUTTERGILL, South Africa
Oceania Lawrence SAHA, Australia

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Program Coordinator: Clara SABBAGH,


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Dues for a 4 year period.

Economies Regular Students
Category A US 25 US 10
Category B US 25 US 10
Category C US 15 US 10

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