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RC57 Visual Sociology

Thematic Group 05 Visual Sociology established in 2009. Upgraded to WG03 in 2013. Upgraded to RC57 in 2017.


Visual Sociology is a diverse field of study which gathers sociologists involved in visual studies and studies of the visual. As a relatively new discipline and methodology within the sociology, Visual Sociology attracts growing numbers of scholars and students who are using visual methods, and/or interested in the production, use and dissemination of visual knowledge.

The overall goal of the research committee in Visual Sociology is to bridge discussions on theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis of visual data. The research committe provides the opportunity to share, exchange and develop ideas which are relevant to Visual Sociology in the global arena. The focus of the research committe is on applying visual methods in sociology at large, and developing theoretical perspectives as well as specific sociological methods, such as web-site analysis, photo-elicitation interviews, sociological video and photo production and analysis.

The group aims to generate further discussions concerning the collection of  visual data in the field (in archives, photo albums, media, websites etc.) as well as the production of visual materials by the researcher (photography and documentaries) with an emphasis on methods of analysis of these data.

Another objective of the group's work is the contemporary and historical analysis of the socio-cultural locus of the visual. The key concern here is how the visual is produced, used and disseminated, and how it intersects with the verbal and other means of communication and sensual experiences.

Lastly, it is our goal to put to debate broader theoretical issues of the sociology of the visual sphere and discuss the applicability of various sociological theories in the analysis of the visual data.

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Board 2014-2018


Valentina ANZOISE, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy,


Dennis ZUEV, CIES-ISCTE, Portugal,

Vice-President and Secretary 

Elisabeth-Jane MILNE, Coventry University, United Kingdom,


Elsa OLIVEIRA, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Board Members

Jerome KRASE, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, USA
Paulo MENEZES, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Anna SCHOBER DE GRAAF, Justus-Liebig University, Germany
Judith TANUR, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA (Special Responsability for Rachel Tanur Prize)

Newsletter Editors

Gary BRATCHFORD, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom,
Andrea DOUCET, Brock University, Canada,

Ex-Officio Members
Past President

Regev NATHANSOHN, University of Michigan, USA

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Program Coordinators: Valentina ANZOISE,, Dennis ZUEV, and Gary BRATCHFORD,


The RC57 Newsletter is published twice a year.

2017 Sept.  Dec.
2016 June. Dec.
2015 Aug. Dec.
2014 Jul. Dec.
2013 May. Nov.
2012 May. Oct.
2011 Jan. Jun. Nov.


Dues for a 4-year period:

  • Category A: USD 40
  • Category B: USD 20
  • Category C and students: USD 10

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