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  • Gender and Migration. Transnational and Intersectional Prospects

    Anna Amelina, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany Helma Lutz, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany Publisher: Routledge, 2019
  • Entre República e Monarquia: A Democracia Eleitoral no Brasil - Ensaio de Sociologia do voto obrigatório - 2ª edição

    Jacob (J.) Lumier, Sociólogo, OHCHR Civil Society, Publisher: Bubok Portugal, 2019
  • Transnational Return and Social Change. Hierarchies, Identities and Ideas

    R. Anghel, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania (ed.) M. Fauser, University of Bielefeld, Germany (ed.) P. Boccagni, University of Trento, Italy (ed.) Publisher: Anthem, 2019
  • The Politics of the Book. A Study in the Materiality of Ideas

    Silva, Filipe Carreira da. Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal; Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, UK. Vieira, Mónica Brito. University of York, UK. Publisher: Penn State University Press, 2019
  • British Think Tanks After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

    Marcos Gonzalez Hernando Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge, UK Publisher: Palgrave, 2019
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Change. Institutional and Organizational Perspectives

    Arnaud Sales, Université de Montréal, Canada Publisher: Springer, 2019
  • Paper Dragons: China and the Next Crash

    Walden Bello, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA Publisher: Zed Publishers (UK), 2019
  • Counterrevolution: The Global Rise of the Far Right

    Walden Bello, State University of New York at Binghamton, United States Publisher: Fernwood Publishing (Canada)/Practical Action Publishing (UK), 2019
  • Shaping Africa's Future. Transforming African And Global relations for a Just and Stable World. (2019) Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (ISBN:978-413-9-4930-4)

    John W. Forje (ed.) Centre for Action Oriented Research on Africa's Development, Cameroon Publisher: Lambert Acdemic Publishing, Gemany, 2019
  • Studies in the Sociology of Population. International Perspectives

    Anson, Jon; Bartl, Walter; Kulczycki, Andrzej Publisher: Springer, 2019
  • Upper Middle Class Social Reproduction: Wealth, Schooling and Residential Choice in Chile

    Maria Luisa Mendez, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile; Modesto Gayo, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile

    Publisher: Palgrave, Pivot Series, 2019