Research Committees


I. The Research Committee on Community Research is referred to below as RC03.

II. Nature of RC03

RC03 was established in accordance with the ISA statutes in 1966, and revised in accordance with certain changes in subsequent years.

III. Objectives of RC03

The objectives of RC03 are

  1. To promote the development of theory and research on urban and community issues.
  2. To create and maintain an international network of scholars dealing with community issues.

IV. Activities of RC03

The activities of RC03 in pursuit of these objectives include, among other things

  1. The publication of a Newsletter and a membership list.
  2. The promotion of conferences and similar activities.
  3. The promotion of comparative research.
  4. The encouragement of research networks and exchanges of information.

V. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions working in the field of community research.
  2. Membership entitles members to:
  • Receive the newsletter.
  • To vote at the Business Meeting.
  • To present papers and participate in other activities of RC03.

VI. Officers

The officers shall include President, Vice Presidents, Secretary. Other officers may be added to encourage new activities.

VII. Board

The Board consists of the officers and elected Board members.

VIII. Electoral procedures for the elected officers and members of the board of RC03

  1. The election for Elected Officers and Board Members shall be made by mailed ballot. All members of RC03 in good standing shall be eligible to vote.
  2. Nominations for Elected Officers and Board Members shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be named by the Board.
  3. Voting shall be by secret mailed ballot.
  4. The person receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

IX. Amendment of Statutes

Motions to amend the statutes will be considered at the Business Meeting of the RC03, and circulated by mailed ballot to members for a vote.

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