Research Committees

Distinguished Service Award

Established in 2016.


Research Committee on Sociology of Education, RC04, recognizes the service of board members and others who have worked diligently for the benefit of the Research Committee. Not only does the RC wish to thank members who have provided distinguished service to the RC over an extended period, we also wish to encourage other members to provide such service in the future.


Board members are considered to have provided distinguished service if they have served until they are term-limited by the statutes of RC04; that is, two consecutive terms, or if they have served two or more non-consecutive terms. 

Regular members are eligible for a Distinguished Service Award if they have over a twelve-year period (three world congresses) served as session organizers, session chairs, or other committee roles that benefit RC04.

Those members who have organized an entire mid-term conference may also be considered for a Distinguished Service Award.

Nomination and Selection Process

The RC04 membership and the board may submit nominations of potential recipients of the award and the RC04 board will then vote on each nomination for a Distinguished Service Award.