Research Committees

RC08 History of Sociology


To develop international contacts among scholars engaged in studying the history of sociology, to promote research in this field, and to encourage the international dissemination of such research.

Board 2014-2018

President Stephen TURNER, University of South Florida, USA,
Vice-presidents Cherry SCHRECKER, University of Nancy, France
Charles CROTHERS, Auckland University Technology, New Zealand
Secretary João Marcelo EHLERT MAIA, Brazil,
Steering Committee Peter BAEHR, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Marcel FOURNIER, Université de Montréal, Canada
Wiebke KEIM, France 
Jarosaw KILIAS, Poland 
Kristoffer KROPP, Denmark 
Sujata PATEL, University of Hyderabad, India 
Jennifer PLATT, University of Sussex, United Kingdom 
Per WISSELGREN, Umea University, Sweden 
Kiyomitsu YUI, Japan (discharged, 2015)

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Program Coordinator: João Marcelo EHLERT MALA,


RCHS Newsletter is produced two or three times a year; in addition to news of conference plans it also includes lists of members and their addresses, details of new members and their special interests, details of new publications by members, news and notes about such matters as archives, conferences of other bodies, book recommendations, members' work in progress, members' moves and promotions, and obituaries of members who have died. It is hoped to start a series of short accounts of work in the history of sociology incountries whose languages are less widely spoken among the membership, to encourage wider communication. 

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Dues USD 30 (USD 15 discount) for a 4 year period.
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