Research Committees

RCHS Junior Scholar’s Prize

Established in 2012. Last edition: 2018.

For the 2018 edition, the Jury will be comprised of: Sujata Patel (India), Jaroslaw Killias (Poland), Marcel Fournier (Canada) and Kristopher Kropp (Denmark). The contest is open to any PhD candidate or scholars who have obtained their PhDs between 2015 and 2018.
Submissions must include a short CV and the complete paper (the same one which will be presented in the World Congress in July), and should be sent by e-mail to with “RCHS Prize” in the subject line. The deadline for the submission is May 15, 2018.

The RCHS Junior Scholar’s Prize was instituted in 2012 by the Research Committee on History of Sociology (RC08) of the International Sociological Association.


The aim of the prize is to encourage research among junior scholars within the field of history of sociology.

The competition

The prize, consisting of €500, will be given biannually to the junior scholar who submits the best paper to a RCHS conference, i.e. to any of the sessions arranged by the RCHS in relation to the ISA World Congresses of Sociology or to the interim conferences.


Eligible are papers accepted to the RCHS conferences. Authors should be in the early stages of their careers, i.e. they should be either PhD candidates or their PhD degrees should not be more than three years old. Junior scholars are prohibited from sending in the same paper in two consecutive biannual meetings.


Submissions to the RCHS Junior Scholar’s Prize should include the paper in English and a short CV, and be sent via email in good time in advance of the conference. The specific deadline will be decided and announced in relation to the call for papers to the RCHS conferences.


The prize committee will consist of three jury members, of which at least the chairperson should be drawn from the RCHS Board.


The winner of the prize will be announced by the jury at the RCHS Business Meeting at the RCHS conference.