Research Committees


RC14 Statutes were first adopted in 1994; subsequent amendments were approved in July 2014.


The Research Committee on Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture is referred to here after as RC14.


RC14 Statutes are in accordance with Article 4 of the ISA Statutes adopted in August 1993.
RC14 raises its funds by levying a subscription on its members and in other ways.


- To promote the development of theory and research on the Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture
- To create and develop an international community among scholars in the field of Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture


- The promotion of conferences and similar activities in various countries
- The provision of conference participation grants to members in good standing
- The promotion of research publications
- The encouragement of research networks and exchanges all over the world-
- The publication of a Newsletter at least twice a year (the Newsletter can be substituted by new means of communication in accordance of ISA regulations)


- Membership to RC14 is open to all individuals and institutions working in the field of Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture and related disciplines.
- Membership can be distinguished into two types:
a) Regular members in good standing are defined as: “members who paid the membership fees both to ISA and to RC14”,
b) Affiliated members are defined as: “members who paid the membership fees to RC14 but not to ISA”.
This distinction applies to both individual and institutional members.

 RC 14 encourages its members to be full members of ISA.

- Regular members in good standing are entitled:
a) To receive grants made by RC14, to be subject to such rules of eligibility as established by the Board of RC14. A Committee of members of the Board attributes grants. The members of this Committee cannot receive grants.
b) To vote at the General Business Meeting of RC14 that usually takes place during ISA World Congresses, or by electronic ballot

- All members are entitled to
a) Receive the RC14 Newsletter and such other publications as RC14 may issue,
b) To obtain at reduced cost any publications on which RC14 has negotiated special rates for members.
- All members are obliged
a) To observe the statutes of RC14,
b) To carry out conscientiously any tasks entrusted to them by the quadrennial
Business Meeting held during the World Congress of ISA, the board or the President,
c) To pay membership fees which are periodically fixed by the quadrennial business meeting of RC14


a) The President is elected by the General Business Meeting.
The President coordinates the Board, and the activities of the RC 14.
She/he represents RC 14 in any bodies inside or outside ISA.
She/he can delegate this representation to members of the board (or if this becomes occasionally difficult in some special cases to any RC14 member in good standing).
She/he is responsible for the publications of RC14: Newsletters, calls for papers and any publication, printed or electronic. The members of the board, each in its function and altogether as a board, assist her/him in that task.

The President proposes to the General Business Meeting the scientific activities of
RC14 between the Congresses of ISA, which must include not less than one conference to which all members can take part.
She/he reports to the business meeting for activities of RC 14 and finances, with the assistance of the board.
She/he presents the financial report, prepared in coordination with the Treasurer.
She/he establishes the report of the Business Meeting, with assistance of the board
She/he represents the RC14 at ISA Research Council. She/he can delegate this representation to a member of the Board.
She/he is re-eligible, as all members of the board.
In case of vacancy of the President, the board designates an Acting President.
The Acting President is eligible for the Presidency or any position on the board.


Election of members of the board and designation of their functions (Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, others) shall be at the Business Meeting of RC14, held during ISA World Congress of Sociology

To prepare the elections, a Nomination Committee is designated by the Board to receive applications, including Presidency, and inform the membership at least 2 weeks before the General Business Meeting.

Candidates cannot be members of the Nomination Committee.
In case no nominations have been received by the Nomination Committee, or in case the Nomination Committee has registered an insufficient number of candidates, the General Business Meeting can designate the necessary Board Members by election of members in good standing.

 - President and members of the board will be elected by a majority of the voters (50%+1 vote). They receive their specific functions from the GBM

- Among the tasks of the members of the board, under the general responsibility of the President:
a) To be responsible for communications with the ISA;
b) To be responsible for preparing a scientific program for RC 14 at the World
Congress of Sociology;
c) To arrange the General Business Meeting of RC 14;
d) To execute all decisions and be responsible for the running of RC 14 between
General Business Meetings;
e) To submit reports on the different activities at each General Meeting of RC14.
These shall include reports on the Research Committee's activities, its Newsletter
and its financial position
f) To organize at least one midterm conference between the ISA World Congresses.
g) To designate the members of a “grants committee”, within the board's members,
No candidate to a grant is allowed to be member of the “grant committee”.
- The number of the board members may be increased or decreased in order to maximize the effectiveness of the work of RC14.
· if the president or a member of the board resigns or is unable to serve then the remaining members of the board shall appoint the member of the board who will replace/substitute her/him.


An ordinary General Business Meeting of RC14 shall be held during each World Congress of Sociology.
An extraordinary General Business Meeting can be held if necessary, notably in the frame of ISA Forum of Sociology; in this case, the extraordinary Business Meeting must be announced two weeks in advance, by mail to all members.

The functions of the General Business Meetings are:
- To elect the President and the other members of the Board.
· To receive reports on the work of RC14 since the last general business meeting.
· To give guidance regarding the work of RC14, by passing resolutions or by other means.
· To approve the modifications of the statutes of RC14, if the modifications were not approved by electronic ballot.
· At the ordinary GBM held during ISA World Congress, to receive and approve the financial report, presented by the President with assistance of the Treasurer
- At the ordinary GBM to receive and approve the activity report presented by the President, with assistance of the board and receives he Reviewing Committee's
report presented by the Reviewing Committee.
- The quorum of General Business Meeting shall be of 10% of members in good standing from at least 4 different countries.
- Voting shall be by secret ballot.
- Decisions are approved at the majority of the present members.


Any motion to amend the statutes shall be sent to all members in good standing by email and to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the RC14 Newsletter.
Such motions should have the signatures of 15 members of RC14 in good standing.
Motions to amend the statutes will be considered at the General Business Meeting of the RC14 or submitted to an electronic ballot, and come into effect if supported by a majority (50%+1vote) of those present or a simple majority (50%+1vote) of the electronic votes.


In case of electronic ballot, the quorum required for validity is of 50% +1 of the regular members in good standing.
The President and members of the Board are in charge of the organization of the ballot, in coordination with ISA Secretariat.
If the quorum is not reached, the vote will take place during the General Business Meeting.

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