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RC28 Social Stratification

Established in 1950


RC28 general objectives are to promote high quality research on social stratification and social mobility, and the international exchange of scientific information in this field.

To know more about the history of RC28, go to Bulletin 31 (1983), pp. 22-27.

More information

RC28 Website

Board 2018-2022. Extended 2023

President Ineke MAAS, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2021-2022),
Yossi SHAVIT, Tel Aviv University, Israel (2018-2020) 
Vice-President Yossi SHAVIT, Tel Aviv University, Israel (2021-2022)
Ineke MAAS, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2018-2020)
Secretary-Treasurer Hyunjoon PARK, University of Pennsylvania, USA,
Board Members Hanna AYALON, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Claudia BUCHMANN, Ohio State University, USA
Markus GANGL, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Yao LU, Columbia University, USA
Sawako SHIRAHASE, University of Tokyo, Japan
Louis-Andre VALLET, CNRS & Sciences Po, France
Herman VAN DE WERFHORST, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Xiaogang WU, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong

Program Coordinator for XX ISA World Congress 2023 is:
Hyunjoon PARK,


Research in Social Stratification and Mobility is the official journal of the ISA RC28.


The RC28 shares with its members updated information at the Newsletter section.


Dues: USD 100 (regular) and USD 20 (students and members in category B and C economies of countries) for a 4-year period.
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