Research Committees

RC28 Significant Scholarship Award

Established in 2016. Last edition: 2018.

The RC28 makes one award annually to recognize an article of Significant Scholarship in Social Stratification that has been published in the three years prior to the year when the award is made. For example, for the 2017 award articles appearing in journal issues from 2014-2016 are eligible. The criterion for the award is the significance, rigor, and novelty of the article’s contribution to scholarship in social stratification. The RC28 Significant Scholarship Award comes with a sum of 1,000 US dollars. If there are multiple authors, the sum is divided equally among them. 

In order to be eligible, the article must have been presented prior to publication at one of the RC28 meetings or the RC28 sessions of the World Congress, and the fact of its presentation must be acknowledged in the published version of the article or the author should provide other forms of proof (such as a copy of the program).

The award shall be made by the RC28 Board, which will decide upon the recipient at the Spring RC28 meeting. The recipient of the award will be announced and the award will be delivered at the Summer RC28 meeting.

The Board will solicit nominations for the award and consider all nominations received by February 1 for that year’s award (or another appropriate date depending on the date of the RC28 Spring meeting). Nominations should include a full citation of the article and a brief statement as to why the nominating individual considers the article to merit the award. Nominations will be submitted to the RC28 Secretary, who will compile the nominations and deliver them to the subcommittee appointed by the Board for consideration. Nominations are accepted only from RC28 members. Self-nominations are permitted.