Research Committees

RC31 Awards for Best Book and for Best Article

Established in 2016. Last edition: 2021.

These awards are made on the basis of scholarly merit – in particular, the insight offered in the work and the potential of the work to influence other migration scholars’ future research on related topics.

The award process will re-open in late 2022, for awards to be presented at the ISA World Congress in 2023. Details about the submission process will be communicated to RC31 members by email.

Awards made at the ISA Forum, February 2021
Best book: Martina Cvajner (2019) Soviet Signoras: Personal and Collective Transformations in Eastern European Migration. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
(Honourable mention: Milena Belloni (2019) The Big Gamble: The Migration of Eritreans to Europe. Berkeley: University of California Press.)
Best article: Deisy Del Real (2019) Toxic Ties: The Reproduction of Legal Violence within Mixed-Status Intimate Partners, Relatives, and Friends. International Migration Review 53(2): 548–570.

Awards made at the ISA Congress, July 2018
Best book: Susanne YP Choi and Yinni Peng (2016) Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family, and Gender in China. Oakland: University of California Press.
Best article: Matthew R. Sanderson (2016) To the Richest Go the Spoils? Immigration, Development, and the North-South Divide, 1970-2005. Sociology of Development 2(3): 273–292.

Awards made at the ISA Forum, July 2016
Best book: Christof Van Mol (2014) Intra-European Student Mobility in International Higher Education Circuits: Europe on the Move. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Best article: Paolo Boccagni (2015) Burden, blessing or both? On the mixed role of transnational ties in migrant informal social support. International Sociology 30(3): 250–268.
(Honourable mention: Martijn Hendriks (2015) The happiness of international migrants: A review of research findings. Migration Studies 3(3): 343–369.)