Research Committees

RC31 Awards for Best Book and for Best Article

Established in 2016.

  • Submission deadline: 31st December 2017.
  • At least one author must be a member of RC31.
  • Time-frame: articles/books must have been published in calendar years 2016 or 2017. We will not consider “accepted” or “on-line first” papers. (This stipulation is intended solely to maximize clarity of terms; if a paper has not yet been published, it can be submitted to the next award round, for the 2020 ISA conference).
  • Providing a copy of the article/book is the author’s (or nominator’s) responsibility; please send PDFs/reprints. For books, an electronic copy of the final proofs is required; if this is not possible, please consult with the panel chair.
  • Selection will be made on the basis of scholarly merit – in particular, the insight offered in the work and the potential of the article to influence other migration scholars’ future work on related topics. To nominate your own (or someone else’s) book/article, please also provide a paragraph (max 300 words) indicating how the article meets the criterion specified immediately above (scholarly merit). Please submit to one of the following panel chairs as appropriate (the panels will make recommendations to the RC31 board, where the final decision is made):
  • “Best book”: send to David Bartram, at
  • “Best article”: send to Loretta Baldassar, at