ISA endorses Brazilian Society of Sociology message in defence of academic freedom of thought

English version

The Brazilian Society of Sociology (SBS), created in 1950, is a scientific society with no ties to political parties or religious groups. SBS aims to dedicate itself to teaching and research activities within its professional scope at national and international levels. Throughout its history, SBS has been marked by the constant debate and interaction of its academic-scientific agenda with the problems and challenges of Brazilian society, embedded in the international context.

Its internal academic conduct has been oriented by pluralism in theoretical and methodological orientations in national and international sociology. In its relationship with national society, SBS has guided its conduct towards certain values, such as respect for diversity of thought, of political positioning and of defense of democratic values. SBS has been taking position in favour of the development of scientific knowledge of the country and has fought for public and state investment in science and technology, graduate education, and national public education.

During the current electoral process, devoted to the preservation of its institutional autonomy, SBS did not assume partisan positions nor did it express preference and / or adhesions due to ideological currents existing in the current electoral context. However, SBS is forced to express its deep concern about the fate of the future of the Brazilian democratic process that has been hardly conquered in recent decades. It considers fundamental the preservation of the constitutional precept that gives the universities the right to didactic-scientific autonomy, expressed in article 207 of the Brazilian Constitution.

SBS believes that the realization of the didactic-scientific autonomy of university institutions and research centres spread throughout the national territory presupposes the unequivocal existence of freedom of thought and research, values that SBS will defend with vigour and determined commitment.