ISA endorses BSS statement on the teaching of philosophy and social sciences

ISA endorses Brazilian Society of Sociology press release regarding the teaching of philosophy and social sciences in Brazilian federal universities

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Articulated Social Sciences

The associations congregated here are publicly expressing their indignation and extreme concern at the recent statements by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Education regarding the teaching of philosophy and social sciences in Brazil. It is a demonstration of the most complete lack of knowledge about science and on the production of scientific knowledge. It is incorrect and misleading to evaluate the different disciplines and philosophical reflection by its immediate applicability, as it ignores the historical contribution of the social sciences and applied social sciences in the development of different technologies aimed at solving serious problems of society. Social sciences, including philosophy, have been crucial for the formulation and evaluation of public policies as well as for the critical development of other sciences. It is unacceptable, therefore, that these disciplines were considered a "luxury", liable of being cut in times of economic crisis like the one that we are currently living in the country, or of "downgraded" by politico-ideological motivations.
Signed by

Brazilian Anthropological Association (ABA)
Brazilian Society of Sociology (SBS)
Brazilian Political Sciences Association (ABCP)
Brazilian Association for Research in Social Sciences (ANPOCS)

The original document could be found here: http://www.sbsociologia.com.br/2017/index.php?formulario=noticias&metodo=0&id=133

April 2019

Update May 3, 2019

ISA joins sociological and philosophical associations' letter sent to Brazil regarding efforts to defund university departments