ISA endorses the Call from SAT about the Dismissals of Faculty from Turkish Universities

Since 1 September 2016, through governmental decrees issued under the rule of the exceptional state, academics in Turkey including members of our association have been dismissed with no investigation, no trial, and no right to defense. We find it totally unacceptable that our distinguished colleagues, who have been a source of pride for Turkey through their works in the national and international realms of science, and who have educated thousands of students, are being dismissed. These dismissals are coming at the expense of the departments where these scholars have worked for years, which will not be able to function, and of the students, whose own labors are suffering, as will their futures. When we look at the balance sheet of this destruction, we acknowledge with sorrow and concern that the most devastating blow has been against the discipline of sociology. We refuse to remain silent in the face of the destruction taking place without consideration for academic freedoms, and we demand that our colleagues take back their positions. Conditions of censorship in academia and throughout society will result in major losses, cleavages, and clashes. We demand a free academia with a strong foundation for scientific dialogue and discussion, no ban, and no restrictions on thought.

Sociological Association of Turkey (SAT), Administrative Committee

March 2017