Statement of Support of the ISA for Dr. Regev Nathanson

The International Sociological Association (ISA) has learned with dismay about the horrendous treatment Dr. Regev Nathansohn has endured in Sapir College for simply exercising his academic freedom to sign a petition regarding the ongoing state of war in Gaza, along with over 1,000 academics associated with Academics4Peace around the world.

We understand that following the petition, Sapir College has bowed to the pressure of a group of students who denounced Dr. Nathansohn as a traitor or even a terrorist. He is said to have been threatened, verbally assaulted, and to have been accused similarly by some of his colleagues.

Given the toxic work atmosphere, we understand that Sapir College granted Dr. Nathansohn unpaid leave of absence for six months, even though he requested a leave of absence with pay.

Dr. Regev Nathansohn is a member of the ISA, former President of the Research Committee 57 for Visual Sociology (2010-2014), and current Board member (2023) of the Working Group 10 for Digital Sociology.

The ISA is an association that celebrates academic freedom as an imperative for good scholarship and thereby stands in solidarity with Dr. Nathansohn. The Association is also extremely concerned about his mental and physical well-being, given the pernicious atmosphere generated inside and outside his workplace.

To this end, the ISA calls on Sapir College to support Dr. Nathansohn directly and publicly by:

1. Declaring the College’s unequivocal commitment to academic freedom of expression regarding all members of the college;
2. granting Dr. Nathansohn a paid leave of absence until the circumstances are right for him to return to work and,
3. ensuring his mental and physical well-being while exercising at work.

The ISA looks forward to your consideration of this request and your prompt intervention to agreeably resolve this matter in accordance with international best practices for academic institutions.

Executive Committee

International Sociological Association

April 30, 2024