ISA Statement about the Human Rights Situation in Chile

The International Sociological Association (ISA) emphasizes the importance of respect for Human Rights as one of the pillars of democracy. Human Rights are necessary to open public dialogue and build a more equal society for all actors, including children, older adults, women, students, and teachers.

ISA repudiates all forms of violence, and especially condemns the violation of Human Rights perpetrated by state agents against citizens. According to the National Human Rights Institute (Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos, INDH) in Chile at least 223 people have suffered severe eye trauma since the protest began on mid-October encouraged by high school students. International organizations such as Amnesty International has also documented the death of at least 5 people committed by security forces during the state emergency on October 19, and the number continue rising. This cycle of violence has also harmed students, scholars, professors, and the infrastructure of universities when police forces have entered to punish citizens.

ISA states that Chilean authorities should take measures to stop the disproportionate responses against protesters. Responses should be exercised according to the principle of proportionality, applying international standards. International standards require more than a written protocol, or enacting a law to satisfy the theoretical requirements. International standards should be applied in the daily practices of police forces within a culture of respect and accountability.

December, 2019