ISA statement on the Russian military offensive happening in Ukraine

The International Sociological Association (ISA) expresses its deep concern about the Russian military offensive happening in Ukraine. We stand with the international community in condemning this war. War is never an acceptable solution and is against all the values we uphold. The ISA stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian social scientists, and with our colleagues elsewhere, including in the Russian Federation and Belarus, who have raised their voices against this war, and have defended democracy and human rights.  

Today, more than ever, we are in need of critical interventions by social scientists. The ISA, as an international community of more than five thousand sociologists, declares its commitment to maintaining the resolve of its global membership, to strengthening international dialogue, particularly with and among those of our colleagues who are affected by this war, to making critical voices heard in our global scientific communities and on our social media, and to facilitating the dissemination of critical analyses in its publications and scholarly events.

The ISA Executive Committee has decided to cancel its annual meeting that was to take place in Russia. We will come back and carry on the dialogue with our colleagues from the Russian Society of Sociologists when just peace prevails.