ISA supports call for reinstatement of Sociology in Greek High Schools

ISA has been informed that the Ministry of Education in Greece, has removed three of the four Social Sciences courses that have been taught in Greek high schools for the past four decades: Modern World, Citizenship and Democracy; Basic Principles of Social Sciences; and, last on the list Sociology.

ISA firmly believes that sociological knowledge is crucial to the building of strong civil societies, the enrichment of democracy and democratic communications, and to facilitating informed decision-making. These actions, as indicated in statements below, will lead to “[the] complete expulsion of Social Sciences from high schools and, as a result, the disappearance of an entire branch of Social Studies educators […], which consists of sociologists, social anthropologists, political scientists and attorneys at law.”

ISA strongly rejects such attacks on social sciences in Greece and joins colleagues at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens Department of Sociology at University of Crete; Greek High School Sociology and Social Sciences Teachers organizations; Greek Legal and Political Scientists Association, and various groups of Greek sociologists in their call for the reinstatement of these subjects in the curriculum.