XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology

An incredibly sensitive community of academics and professionals such as the International Sociological Association, aware of the social transformations taking place in the world, cannot and should not be absent from a debate on inequality.

The great tradition of multi, inter and transdisciplinary works in which the most complex problems of the present day world are addressed; its unique condition of being academically, scientifically, regionally, institutionally and organically plural make it ideally qualified to face the challenge of contributing to this international exchange, from which an intellectual and moral force can emerge in order to achieve drastic changes in the manners, forms of reasoning and scopes of the decisions to be taken in the world to ensure the preservation of human life and societies.

Raquel Sosa
ISA Vice-President, Congress Program

Attention, junior sociologists!

The ISA has initiated a special website for posting abstracts of "in progress" or recently completed (since 2009) dissertations.

This facebook page is a part of the ISA initiative to create a global community of junior sociologist.

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An international community of junior sociologist who are in the middle of their PhD dissertations or have completed them in the last 5 years.

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