Dissertation Abstracts

Cultural diversity and inclusion policies in the workplace

Author: Stella Pinna Pintor, stella.pinnapintor@unito.it
Department: Culture, Politics and Society
University: University of Turin, Italy
Supervisor: Roberta Ricucci
Year of completion: In progress
Language of dissertation: Italian or English

Keywords: diversity , workplace , inclusion , enterprises
Areas of Research: Migration , labour market , Communication, Knowledge and Culture


The representation of diversity within workplaces today represents a major focus of attention. Taking into consideration the social and demographic changes that are reflected in the diverse composition of organisations, it is therefore necessary to implement interventions for the management of cultural diversity in corporate and entrepreneurial realities, as places of encounter and coexistence (Cox T., Blake S., 1991; Kandola, R., Fullerton, J., 1994; Thomas Jr, R. R., 1990). In the Italian context, as in many other international contexts, the most significant Diversity Management (DM) interventions are almost exclusively implemented by large companies. However, the latter are not representative of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, which is mainly composed of SMEs. Within these contexts, the absence of resources and competences is associated with the lack of guidelines for the implementation of interventions, which makes it difficult to implement innovative actions. The overall objective of the research project is to study DM policies applied at national and international level, in order to provide useful tools for the development of organisational strategies in the Italian context. The research represents an opportunity to connect the scientific approach to the topic of cultural diversity in organisations with the policies and practices implemented in enterprises.