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Topic of the Month, July 2023

‘Conceptions of nature’ is our Topic of the Month for July 2023. On this topic, enjoy Free Access to this article by Miguel Ángel Sánchez-García (University of Murcia, Spain), Andrés Pedreño Cánovas (University of Murcia, Spain), and Carlos de Castro Pericacho (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain) published in International Sociology, The nature of standards: How standards shape the value of nature. Read on to know more about the authors’ trajectory and work.

Why are you working on this topic? Could you share an experience, a fact or a person who made you get engaged on that research?

M. A. Sánchez-García, A. Pedreño Cánovas and C. de Castro Pericacho: The ecological degradation of Mar Menor was a big national issue and we decide to put it at the center of our research activity.

What would you emphasize about your academic trajectory? Can you highlight which have been your academic positions, universities, awards, departments and research centers?

M. A. Sánchez-García: I am a research assistant at the Department of Sociology of the University of Murcia and member of the project ‘Governance of quality in global agri-food chains’. I am doing my PhD on agri-food logistics and transport at the Complutense University of Madrid.

A. Pedreño Cánovas: I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Murcia. My research career is developed through three areas: rural sociology, sociology of work and sociology of migration. In these thematic areas I have published more than 50 articles.

C. de Castro Pericacho: I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. My work focuses on the study of the social, political and cultural dimensions of the processes of insertion of productive territories in global production chains.