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Topic of the Month

Initiated in 2016, the ‘Topic of the Month’ campaigns on social media focus on one article each month with the aim of showing the relevance of most topical issues that International Sociology has recently published. During the period of their feature, the selected article is available as free access. This is one way among others to draw attention to the work of diverse sociologists and promote sociology more generally.

April 2024

The Social Value of Health
Mozo C, Moreno Nieto J and Reigada A (2022) Health as an emerging value in the construction of quality of berries in Huelva (Spain), International Sociology, first published October 8, 2022

March 2024

Women's decisions on motherhood
Yopo Díaz M and Abufhele A (2024) Beyond early motherhood: Trends and determinants of late fertility in Chile, International Sociology, first published September 7, 2023

February 2024

Work and well-being
Song Y-J and Lee Y-S (2021) Work hours, work schedules, and subjective well-being in Korea, International Sociology, first published November 24, 2020

January 2024

Transnationalization of elites
Valeeva D, Takes F W, and Heemskerk E M (2022) Beaten paths towards the transnational corporate elite, International Sociology, first published December 9, 2021

December 2023

Children’s Rights
Aytac F K (2021) Children’s right to the city: The case of street children, International Sociology, first published June 3, 2021

November 2023

De Witte K, Iterbeke K and Holz O (2019) Teachers’ and pupils’ perspectives on homosexuality: A comparative analysis across European countries, International Sociology, first published July 2, 2019

October 2023

Poverty and inequalities
Clark R (2020) Income inequality in the post-2000 era: Development, globalization, and the state, International Sociology, first published March 13, 2020

September 2023

Transnational class identities
Meier L and Attila Aytekin E (2018) Transformed landscapes and a transnational identity of class: Narratives on (post-)industrial landscapes in Europe, International Sociology, first published November 26, 2018

August 2023

European extreme right
Duina F and Carson D (2019) Not so right after all? Making sense of the progressive rhetoric of Europe’s far-right parties, International Sociology, first published November 5, 2019

July 2023

Conceptions of nature
Sánchez-García M A, Pedreño Cánovas A and de Castro Pericacho C (2022) The nature of standards: How standards shape the value of nature, International Sociology, first published August 8, 2022

June 2023

LGBTIQ+ human rights
Waites M (2019) Decolonizing the boomerang effect in global queer politics: A new critical framework for sociological analysis of human rights contestation, International Sociology, first published July 1, 2019

May 2023

Labour and Gender
Raudenská Anýžová P and Mateju P (2018) Beauty still matters: The role of attractiveness in labour market outcomes, International Sociology, first published March 13, 2018

April 2023

Cosmopolitanism and Diversity
Høy-Petersen N and Woodward I (2018) Working with difference: Cognitive schemas, ethical cosmopolitanism and negotiating cultural diversity, International Sociology, first published August 21, 2018

March 2023

Women's participation
Lerch J C, Schofer E, Frank D J, Longhofer W, Ramirez F O, Wotipka C M, Velasco K (2022) Women’s participation and challenges to the liberal script: A global perspective, International Sociology, first published December 7, 2021

February 2023

Inequalities and Democracy
Zafirovski M (2022) Consequences of income concentration for democratic processes in contemporary Western and comparable societies: Evidence for OECD countries, 2017–2019, International Sociology, first published July 7, 2022

January 2023

Psychologisation of Society
Nehring D and Kerrigan D (2022) Therapeutic politics reconsidered: Power, post-colonialism and the psychologisation of society in the Global South, International Sociology, first published February 3, 2022

December 2022

Indigenous Resistance
Obuene HU, Akanle O and Omobowale AO (2022) Land grabbing and resistance of indigenous landowners in Ibadan, Nigeria, International Sociology, first published December 20, 2021

November 2022

Migrations and Emotions
Herrera JM and Rivera M (2021) Migration, emotions and policies of sensibilities in Central America, International Sociology, first published May 22, 2021

October 2022

The Power of Moral Justice
Sanghera B (2020) Justice, power and informal settlements: Understanding the juridical view of property rights in Central Asia, International Sociology 35(1): 22–44

September 2022

Explaining Bolsonarismo
McKenna E (2020) Taxes and tithes: The organizational foundations of bolsonarismo, International Sociology 35(6): 610–631

August 2022

Environmental Activism
Alam M (2021) Environmental activists’ hysteresis as a driving force for establishing environmental actions against urban forest privatization in Bandung, Indonesia, International Sociology 36(6): 801–818.

July 2022

Transnational Communities
Velitchkova A (2021) Rationalization of belonging: Transnational community endurance, International Sociology 36:3, 419–438

June 2022

Impact of Ethnicity on Employment
Li Y-T and Liu JCL (2021) Auditing ethnic preference in Hong Kong’s financial job market: The mediation of white privilege and Hong Kong localism, International Sociology 36:1, 71–90

May 2022

Voices of Refugees
Chowdhury SK, Keary A, Reupert A and Saito E (2021) Multi-vocal voices of refugees: A case study of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, International Sociology 36(6), 868–886

April 2022

Cosmopolitan Self-identity
Taniguchi H (2021) National identity, cosmopolitanism, and attitudes toward immigrants, International Sociology 36(6): 819–843

March 2022

Preventing Youth Radicalization
Vuga Beršnak J and Prezelj I (2021) Recognizing youth radicalization in schools: Slovenian ‘frontline’ school workers in search of a compass, International Sociology 36(1): 49–70

February 2022

Older Adults
Lakomý M (2021) Differences in social participation of older adults across European welfare regimes: Fourteen years of SHARE data collection, International Sociology 36(6): 906–925.

January 2022

Scribano A (2021) Emotions and politics of sensibilities in Latin America, International Sociology 36(4): 585–604.

December 2021

From Sociology to Social Theory
Bosco E and Harris N (2020) From sociology to social theory: Critical cosmopolitanism, modernity, and post-universalism, International Sociology 35(6): 758–775.

November 2021

Human Rights Activism
Shriver Thomas E, Szabo Adriana M and Bray Laura A (2020) Opportunity and threat behind the Iron Curtain: The failed diffusion of human rights activism in Romania, International Sociology 35(6): 739–757.

October 2021

Political Control and Education
Bhatty K and Sundar N (2020) Sliding from majoritarianism toward fascism: Educating India under the Modi regime, International Sociology 35(6): 632–650.

September 2021

Childcare Policies
Wallace C (2020) Between state, market and family: Changing childcare policies in urban China and the implications for working mothers, International Sociology 35(3): 336–352.

August 2021

Social Science from the Periphery
Rodriguez-Medina L and Vessuri H (2021) Personal bonds in the internationalization of the social sciences: a view from the periphery, International Sociology 36(3): 398–418.

July 2021

Heller P (2020) The age of reaction: Retrenchment Populism in India and Brazil, International Sociology 35(6): 590–609.

June 2021

Development and Globalization
Clark R (2020) Income inequality in the post-2000 era: Development, globalization, and the state, International Sociology 35(3): 260–283.

May 2021

Work Motivation
Mahmoud AB, Reisel WD, Grigoriou N, Fuxman L and Mohr I (2020) The reincarnation of work motivation: Millennials vs older generations, International Sociology 35(4): 393–414.

April 2021

Two-Child Policy
Wang Q and Sun X (2019) Fertility choices in China under the two-child policy, International Sociology 35(3): 284–311.

March 2021

Nonviolent Mobilization
Gallo-Cruz S (2019) Nonviolence beyond the state: International NGOs and local nonviolent mobilization, International Sociology 34(6): 655–674.

February 2021

Stuart D, Gunderson R and Petersen B (2020) The climate crisis as a catalyst for emancipatory transformation: An examination of the possible, International Sociology 35(4): 433–456.

January 2021

Personalized and Racialized Precision Medicine
Sun S (2020) Between personalized and racialized precision medicine: A relative resources perspective, International Sociology 35(1): 90–110.

December 2020

Climate Change in Africa
Faiyetole AA (2019) Outside-in perspectives on the socio-econo-technological effects of climate change in Africa, International Sociology 34(6): 762–785.

November 2020

War and Mental Health
Fatke M and Freitag M (2019) Subtle social stressors of civil wars: Transformation of social networks and psychological distress in Sri Lanka, International Sociology 34(1): 3–18.

October 2020

LGBT and US College Campuses
Rankin S, Garvey JC and Duran A (2019) A retrospective of LGBT issues on US college campuses: 1990–2020, International Sociology 34(4): 435–454.

September 2020

Living Conditions and Religiousness
Höllinger F and Muckenhuber J (2019) Religiousness and existential insecurity: A cross-national comparative analysis on the macro-and micro-level, International Sociology 34(1): 19–37.

August 2020

The Concept of Trust
Barbalet J (2019) Trust: Condition of action or condition of appraisal, International Sociology 34(1): 83–98.

July 2020

Homosexuality and China
Worth H, Jun J, McMillan K, Chunyan S, Xiaoxing F, Yuping Z, Zhao R, Kelly-Hanku A, Jia C, Youchun Z (2019) ‘There was no mercy at all’: Hooliganism, homosexuality and the opening-up of China, International Sociology 34(1): 38–57.

June 2020

Informal Economy in Europe
Williams, CC, Horodnic, IA (2019) Evaluating working conditions in the informal economy: Evidence from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey, International Sociology 34(3): 281–306.