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Topic of the Month

Initiated in 2016, the ‘Topic of the Month’ campaigns on social media focus on one article each month with the aim of showing the relevance of most topical issues that International Sociology has recently published. During the period of their feature, the selected article is available as free access. This is one way among others to draw attention to the work of diverse sociologists and promote sociology more generally.

July 2020

Homosexuality and China
Worth H, Jun J, McMillan K, Chunyan S, Xiaoxing F, Yuping Z, Zhao R, Kelly-Hanku A, Jia C, Youchun Z (2019) ‘There was no mercy at all’: Hooliganism, homosexuality and the opening-up of China, International Sociology 34(1): 38–57.

June 2020

Informal Economy in Europe
Williams, CC, Horodnic, IA (2019) Evaluating working conditions in the informal economy: Evidence from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey, International Sociology 34(3): 281–306.