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Topic of the Month, June 2020

Informal Economy in Europe

‘Informal economy in Europe’ is our Topic of the Month for June 2020. On this topic, enjoy Free Access all month to this article by Colin C. Williams (Management School, University of Sheffield, UK) and Ioana Alexandra Horodnic (Management School, University of Sheffield, UK) published in International Sociology, Evaluating working conditions in the informal economy: Evidence from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey. Find out more about the authors’ trajectory and work in the information below.

Colin C. Williams

Ioana Alexandra Horodnic

Why the authors work on this topic:

The main motivation of writing on this topic is related to the expertise in the field gained by working with governments and supra-national organisations on this issue.

Some material the authors want to share:

European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work:
West Balkans Regional Cooperation Council:

About the authors:

Colin C. Williams is Professor of Public Policy in the Management School at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. For the past 30 years, he has been researching the issue of undeclared work and how it can be tackled. As his career has progressed, he has shifted into a more policy advisor role working directly with supra-national organisations and national governments. Since 2016, he has been chief advisor to the European Commission’s European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work, helping 31 European countries to develop a joined-up whole government policy approach. Since 2018, in addition, he has been chief advisor to the West Balkans Regional Cooperation Council advising six West Balkan countries on their strategies for tackling the informal economy. Since 2019, he has been European advisor to construction industry trade unions and employer federations in eight European countries helping them improve working practices in the construction industry. Beyond Europe, he works extensively with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to implement ILO Recommendation 204 on formalising the informal economy by advising particular countries (e.g., Azerbaijan) and developing a strategic integrated approach to facilitate formalisation through inclusive structural transformation.

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Ioana Alexandra Horodnic is associate professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in Romania. Dr Horodnic has been doing research in the field of undeclared economy since 2014, subject on which she published more than 50 papers. Beside articles in peer-reviewed prestigious journals, books and book chapters which received recognition from different institutions (Emerald Awards for Excellence 2018, 2017 Outstanding Papers, prizes from the Romanian Academy, from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, and from the Association of Faculties of Economics from Romania), her list of publications includes reports and policy papers. She is committed to undertake policy relevant research and to transfer the research results to policy makers. She has recently completed a two-year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship evaluating different approaches to tackling undeclared work in the European Union and currently, she leads a research project investigating the motivation of youth to engage in undeclared work. In addition, at the moment, she is a member of the international research team providing support to the European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work and a labour market expert for the European Centre of Expertise in the field of labour law, employment and labour market policies (ECE).

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