Research Committees


RC23 Statutes were originally adopted in Brisbane, Australia, July 2002, then subsequently amended in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2012, and Yokohama, Japan, July 2014


The Committee was established by the International Sociological Association (ISA) with a view to opening up a broader range of opportunities for the participation of individual members in the activities of the Association in the field of Sociology of Science and Technology. To this end the Committee shall undertake measures:

  1. to secure and develop personal and collegial contacts between sociologists of science and technology throughout the world;
  2. to encourage the international dissemination and exchange of information, developments and activities in the field of sociology of science and technology;
  3. to facilitate and promote international meetings and research;
  4. to assist individuals and organization in countries throughout the world to develop research and activities related to the sociology of science and technology and, where appropriate, to use the Research Committee as a means of assisting in this.


The Committee shall be managed by a Board, consisting of a President/Treasurer, Vice-President, Secretary, the immediate past president (ex officio) and seven additional members as described in further detail below.

  1. The Committee members are individuals active in research and teaching, and/or involved in, and/or interested in, the study of Science and Technology. Members shall be regular members. There is no provision for affiliated membership.
  2. Regular members shall be individuals in good standing within both RC23 and the ISA.
  3. All the individual members of the Committee have the same voting rights.
  4. All the decisions made by the Committee as a whole, except those concerning the by- laws, are accepted by simple majority.
  5. In the year of Congress, or in the two year interval period in which there is a Forum, the Board collects together all proposals for reforming the by-laws and decisions on these are made during a Business Meeting by those attending, with the requirement that a ¾ majority of votes cast is needed to effect any change.


The Board of the Research Committee, as defined above, is elected during a Business Meeting of a Congress and is entrusted, for a four year period until the Business Meeting of the next Congress, with the direction of all the activities of the Committee, except as is regulated by the by-laws or the Statutes of ISA.

  1. The President is the official representative of the RC in the Research Council of the ISA, and shall be responsible for the implementation of RC23 mandates.
  2. Any member of the Board may be chosen by the President, as alternate to the President to attend and participate on behalf of the RC in the Research Council of the ISA.
  3. In consultation with the Board, the President may appoint individuals or committees of the Board and/or membership to carry out specific tasks, such as that of Program Coordinator for Congresses and Forums.
  4. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall chair the RC23 meetings.
  5. The Vice-President shall assist the President and Secretary in decisions concerning the organization and sponsorship of RC23 conferences, seminars and workshops, and work with the President to ensure that a sufficient number and range of nominations are received for the elections of officers of the Executive Committee.
  6. The position of Treasurer is vested together with that of President, so that the President also is the Treasurer of RC23.
  7. The Treasurer shall be responsible to collect the membership fees and other incomes, keep financial documentation, prepare the financial report to the Board to be accepted by the General Meeting, and carry out financial relations between RC23 and the ISA.
  8. A statement of financial affairs shall be given by the Treasurer every four years to the Board of RC23 and to the Business Meeting Assembly.
  9. The Secretary shall organize the General Meetings and the meetings of the Board of RC23 in co-operation with the President and, if appointed, a Program Chair and Committee appointed by the President and Board for the purpose of organizing General Meetings; and assist the President in organizing the work of the Board and observe the fulfillment of its decisions.
  10. The seven Board members and the immediate past President shall support the activities of the President/Treasurer, Vice-President, and Secretary regarding the organization of academic meetings, elections, and other initiatives proposed by the Board or other RC23 members, and approved by the Board.
  11. RC23 Newsletter and Website. During the Business Meeting of the ISA World Congress, one of the Board members shall volunteer to edit the RC23 Newsletter at least twice a year for the following four years, and distribute it by electronic means to the RC23 members and other interested scholars. In the event no one volunteers for the task, a rotating procedure shall be implemented. The President/Treasurer shall manage the RC23 website.


In the event the President is not able to continue in his/her charge, the Vice-President will assume the Presidency. In the event any other member of the Board is not able to continue in his/her charge, the President will designate the person to replace him/her, after consulting with the Board members.


Candidates for the President/Treasurer, Vice-President, Secretary, and Board Member may be nominated by any regular member of the Committee as defined above.

  1. An Election Committee, comprised of at least two members of the Board who are not standing for reelection and/or from the Committee who are not standing for election, and appointed by the President, is responsible for listing the candidates and for sending the list to individual members for voting. The Election Committee must also ascertain that the candidates agree to stand.
  2. All members of RC23 shall be entitled to nominate candidates for the Board.
  3. To ensure participation of all members, nomination shall be done by e-mail. To this end, the Secretary shall prepare a form to be sent to member at least twenty weeks before the election day together with a list of all members of RC23 and identification of the date and time on which nominations cease. To ensure equality, the time stated will be for all time zones, and nominations cease when that time is past in all time zones.
  4. Nominated candidates must be members of RC23. They shall confirm theirpreparedness to accept the respective position on the Board in case they are elected and to remain a regular member in good standing for the duration of their mandate, and shall return the nomination form to the Secretary, together with a brief curriculum vitae or statement of interest;
  5. The Secretary shall prepare a ballot listing all nominated candidates along with therespective positions on the Board. In case of several nominations for the same position, the nominated candidates shall be listed in alphabetical order. The ballot will also identify the name and e-mail address of one or more designated ‘electoral officers’ to whom the completed ballet should be returned.
    1. The ballot shall be sent to all members of RC23 by mail or e-mail at least ten weeks before the election day.
    2. Members shall send their ballot by mail or email to the designated electoral officer(s). Mailed ballots received later than two weeks before the beginning of the World Congress shall not be counted. E-mailed ballots received less than two days before the Congress will not be counted. To be valid, ballots must be accompanied by information indicating the identity of the voter.
    3. Elections will be completed at the Business Meeting in the ISA Congress, every four years. At the Business Meeting, candidates for elected office in the Research Committee will be given an opportunity to make short speeches outlining their platforms. After speeches, a ballot will be distributed to all those present who have not voted in advance polling. These ballots will be returned to the designated electoral officer(s) who will count them and add the votes therein to the votes cast in advanced polling. The designated electoral officer(s) will announce the total votes casts for each candidate and position and identify the new Board Members.


A Business Meeting Assembly will held at least every four years, preferably at the ISA World Congress. The meeting is chaired by the President or by the Vice-President of the RC23. Except as explained above with respect to election of officers and Board members, votes on other matters can only be cast by RC23 members in good standing who are present at the Meeting. The duties of the Assembly are to evaluate and approve the four-year-report; discharge the outgoing Board of its responsibilities, including the financial statement; and discuss and carry motions on any other point that may arise. Decisions in a Business Meeting Assembly are taken by simple majority.


Members of RC23 are obliged to pay their fees for the respective period of four years. Members must pay the ISA Membership Fee for their respective category of membership. In addition, to be Members of RC23, Members must pay a fee for participation in RC23. The fee for Membership in RC23 shall be fixed by the Board and confirmed at each General Meeting. The Board may recommend different categories of Membership and fees to the Membership for its consideration. Both the ISA fees and the RC23 fees are listed on the ISA website and any website of RC23. Fees are collected by the ISA, including the RC23 Membership Fee which is then distributed to RC23. The membership fees shall be specified in the By-Laws to the present Statutes.


RC23 will organize every four years a conference as part of the general program of the ISA World Congress. The Board will also organize one or more mid-term conferences in the period between World Congresses. It is anticipated that this will be done by participating in the ISA Forum of Sociology if these continue to be held between the World Congresses.

  1. The Board shall identify the themes and topics for the Sessions of RC23 in the World Congress and for the mid-term conference, and take responsibility for its organization.
  2. As alternative to a participation in the ISA Forum of Sociology, or in addition to it, RC23 may organize several sessions at the meeting of another association; co-sponsor a meeting with another association; or have several sessions in conjunction with several different associations in different regions of the world.

By Laws

Membership Fee:
Unless changed by the Membership at a Business Meeting, the fees of RC23 will be USD20 and will be for all members. There are no other fee categories. In line with ISA practice, membership fees are collected for a period of four years and in conjunction with the payment of fees for membership in the ISA.
Membership fees for ISA are identified on the ISA website and vary by Category of Country as defined by the ISA, as well as by employment status. See the ISA website for the current fee structure.