Research Committees

Distinguished Service in Clinical Sociology

Established in 2011. 

Deadline for nominations (2023 edition): April 30, 2023.
Nominations and supporting materials should be sent to the RC46 President, Prof. Emma Porio

The RC46 of the International Sociological Association Award for Distinguished Service (established in 2011) honors recent service contributions to ISA Research Committee 46 and the field of clinical sociology. The award is a certificate (non-monetary award) presented at an official meeting of RC46.


The contributions should have been made within the last three years (based on the deadline for submission for the award).

Award Committee

The committee is composed of a chair and two other members of RC46. The chair will be an officer or other member of the RC46 executive committee. The chair and committee members will be selected by the RC46 officers.


The awards committee will consider nominations but not self-nominations. The nomination should include a letter of nomination emphasizing the service contributions, a curriculum vitae for the RC46 member who is being nominated and at least three letters of support. The nomination file must be submitted electronically as a package and should be sent to each member of the awards committee including the chair. The nominee must be a member of the ISA and RC46 at the time of nomination and award. Only RC46 members are permitted to make nominations. The deadline for nominations for this award is set by the President of RC46.