Research Committees

Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Sociology

Established in 2011.

Deadline for nominations (2023 edition): April 30, 2023.
Nominations and supporting materials should be sent to the RC46 President, Prof. Emma Porio

The RC46 of the International Sociological Association Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Sociology (established in 2011) honors colleagues whose research and/or practice has significantly contributed to advances within clinical sociology. The award is a certificate (non-monetary award) and is presented at an official meeting of RC46. The recipient is invited to present a lecture at the time of presentation.


This award shall be a means of recognizing exceptional merit. The contribution should extend beyond the specialization in which the candidate has primarily worked and its scope should be widely recognized within the international clinical sociological community. The award will normally be presented to scholars at an advanced stage in their careers, with distinguished records of multiple contributions throughout their careers. At the time of nomination and award, the person must be a member in good standing of the ISA and RC46.

Award Committee

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Sociology Committee is a presidential committee. It is composed of three members including and chaired by the RC46 President or her/his appointee.The two other members are appointed by the RC46 Executive Committee.


All RC46 members are invited to make nominations for this award. A nomination should include the candidate's curriculum vitae, a nomination letter outlining the person's contributions to clinical sociology, sample publications as well as three letters of support, which attest to the breadth of recognition within the research and practice community of these contributions. The person submitting the nomination should submit all material and letters as a package. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is set by the RC46 president.